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If you want to keep your health in tip-top shape, then we are excited for you! Maintaining a healthy smile is essential to your everyday life. Recently, mouth jewelry has begun to be popular among many crowds.

As a result, our dentist Dr. Marcia Greene with Bayview Dental Care in Staten Island, New York, is happy to share information with you on how mouth jewelry can affect your oral health.

Here is some intel on mouth jewelry linked to your oral health:

-Mouth jewelry can produce serious health risks including the presence of dangerous infections including hepatitis or endocarditis.

-Mouth jewelry often consists of hard pieces that can break off and block your airway. Lip and tongue rings are known choking hazards.

-Allergic reactions have occurred due to the presence of mouth jewelry. Sometimes, mouth jewelry can actually cause your tongue to swell up and block your airway.

-If a tongue ring is placed incorrectly, permanent nerve damage can result.

-Lip and tongue rings have been known to cause burst blood vessels and lacerated gums. If any parts swing around your mouth, they can even fracture your teeth.

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