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Are you considering implementing an exercising regime to achieve a healthier lifestyle? Did you know that exercise is one of the components of physical health that can improve your smile?

It’s important to treat gum disease as soon as you know you have it or else it can result in a variety of harmful dental issues, including bleeding and sensitive gums, bad breath, shifting teeth, and even tooth loss. While treating gum disease as soon as possible, it’s far better for your oral health if you are able to prevent the issue in the first place.

Studies have found that exercising a few times a week can lower your chances of developing gum disease. In fact, you can cut your risk in half by exercising three or more days a week. Even if you exercise less frequently, you can still reduce your risk of gum disease by 30%. If you struggle with exercise or are unsure how to begin, you may find it easiest to begin with an activity you enjoy, such as taking up a sport, swimming, jogging, or power walking. Your primary doctor can help you establish an effective exercise routine.

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