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Have you developed tooth decay that has become deeply entrenched? In this case, the dentist may recommend a filling to protect the remaining tooth and give it back its structural integrity. The process for getting a filling typically goes like the following.

The dentist provides a anesthetic in the area of the affected tooth. This should ease any discomfort you would otherwise feel, so you need not worry.

The dentist will then remove the decaying parts of the tooth. After that, she may adjust the shape of the area she just removed to further prepare it for the filling.

Some of the next few steps may depend on the type of filling you receive. If it is a bonded type, the dentist may use an acid gel to further shape the inside of the tooth. If the filling is a resin, the dentist may apply a few layers and use a light to harden each layer so it can withstand the pressures of chewing.

Once everything has been applied, the dentist will polish the tooth and send you on your way. The filling should protect the remainder of your tooth from bacteria that cause cavities and should allow you to eat normally.

You may notice some discomfort after the procedure. You need not worry, as this is normal, and it should go away after a couple of days. If it persists for longer, do not hesitate to come back so the dentist can help you.

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