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How often do you speak with your dentist about oral health care issues? Are you aware of any aspects of your oral hygiene habits that can greatly contribute to a safer smile in the future? It is important that you visit our dentist for routine examinations to determine if your smile has developed any damage, and to help protect your smile for future happiness and health.

Are you aware of your dental history? If you not already done so, it is important to have a list of everything you have suffered from of your life in regards to your oral health. You may notice a trend of regularly suffering from a dental issue, such as cavities, throughout your life. This means that your treatment techniques are not working effectively for that particular ailment. As a result, you may need to adjust some of your oral health care habits to better protect your smile against different types of dental damage.

In addition to regular dental hygiene habits, your diet plays a huge role in helping or harming your oral health. If you find yourself suffering from an eating disorder, it is important to speak with our dentist and a doctor to help you overcome this obstacle. Eating disorders can drastically to hinder your oral health and overall health. By receiving proper treatment, your smile and health can thrive in the future.

The foods you eat also play a role in your oral health level. You may benefit from taking the time to assess your diet and determine if any oral damage is linked to the foods you eat. If you’re constantly snacking on hard foods, such as hard candies and corn on the cob, you could be putting your teeth at risk for oral accidents, as hard foods such as these products can easily chip and crack your teeth. Even if you have been able to chew hard foods throughout your life, your teeth may have worn down over time and become more vulnerable to damage. In general, always make sure you are exercising caution with any foods that can potentially damage your teeth and gums.

The best smiles begin with optimal oral health care habits. If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Marcia Greene to talk about your oral health care habits, please call us at 718-273-8686. Our dentist and team at Bayview Dental Care look forward to making your smile shine! Come visit us at our dental office in Staten Island, New York, today!